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Born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, Andrés Reymundo Carrera better known as DJ REY has grown under the strong influence of the Hip-Hop and Latin culture of the 80s and 90s. Raised in an era considered by most as the golden age of Hip-Hop, Rey was captivated with the whole Hip-Hop culture and began his collection of music from artists such as Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, The Notorious BIG, Big Pun, Tupac, Wu-Tang and Jay-Z just to name a few. Being brought up in a Latin home, Rey was definitely no stranger to the sounds of Salsa and Merengue. This also greatly expanded his knowledge of music from Hip-Hop to the Latin sounds of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Cumbia, which added a huge variety of music to his collection.
The combination of growing up in an era where Hip-Hop was at its highest point and being exposed to the culture, it was only a matter of time before the art of DJing caught his attention. The “DJ” in Hip-Hop always went hand in hand with the “MC” or “B-Boys” at all the scenes throughout the city. But it was the actual art and technical skills behind DJing that locked in his interest and passion for it. Absorbing all the information possible from attending DJ Battles, being behind the booth at clubs, and watching performances from the best to do it such as DJ Qbert, MixMaster Mike, Roc Raida, and Jazzy Jeff, all that was left was two turntables and a mixer.
Rey began his mission to obtain his first true DJ setup by DJing house parties and small lounges for whatever reasonable price the gig was willing to pay. Sharpening his mixing skills and Mic work simultaneously, Rey was able to continue locking down more gigs as time progressed. After a couple of months, finally Rey purchased his first two Technics turntables, mixer, and set of speakers. The rest was history
Hours of practice, collecting music, attending DJ and music events, creating his own logo and website, building his own studio from the ground up, hosting an online radio show, and rocking house parties throughout the city; the next big step was engaging the club scene. DJ’ing in hotspots throughout NYC and NJ such as Webstar Hall, Hiro

Ballroom, LQs, HK Lounge, Sequoia, Soels, SOHO Nightclub, CocoBongo, and Atlantic City's own DUSK COMPLEX just to name a few. 

In addition to DJing alongside big names such as Alex Sensation, DJ Camilo, Kid Capri, and Funk Flex it was set in stone that this is what he was meant to do. His passion for the art and everything it stands for lead him to set his sights on bigger things such as radio and DJing around the country.Currently there has been a HUGE rise in DJs thanks to laptops, digital music, and DJ software. This has caused the scene to be saturated with people wanting to be DJs for the fame or perks and completely destroying the definition and what it is to become a DJ. BUT there is one thing you can’t fake and that is talent and skill. Incorporating turntabilism into his sets, style, and perfecting his Mic work; Rey sets himself apart from the rest. You’ll know when Rey is on set at a club whether he is opening, on prime time, or closing. His passion for the art and continuous participation in the culture can clearly be felt in each one of his sets.Recently Rey is one step closer to one of his main goals by being chosen to be a guest DJ on HOT 94.4FM in Miami. Rey has been featured on online magazines and is also currently spinning at venues throughout the city and has residency at the party boats and yachts on 23rd street in Manhattan.

Now, Rey has teamed up and become the Vice President of LB Productions in New York. Considered the number one multi-cultural event company in the tri-state, the venture was inevitable.



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