New YouTube Channel!!

Ok, so it's been a while since I've added any new posts to my Blog but if you've noticed I've been hard at work uploading brand new content to my NEW YouTube channel.

Basically, I've began recording all my recent MC'ing and DJ'ing gigs. I want to take you with me to these events so that you can get a feel for my typical day in any of these two events. You'll see the prep work, the travel, behind the scenes, and also highlights from the parties themselves. This gives you a new perspective of all these events that you most likely will be attending one day. From Sweet 16s to Weddings to Corporate Events to Baby Showers, I'm going to take you with me so that you can see all the things that go into running one of these events as well as meeting some new people along the way.

I think this is an awesome way to promote myself as well as document all these events I've had the pleasure of working. At the end of the day I may do numerous Sweet 16s and Weddings throughout the year but each one is significant to every person. So it will be great to look back and see all the different special moments I've had the honor to be a part of and work.

I'll also be throwing in "Un-Boxing" videos for all my new gadgets I purchase (I LOVE electronics) as well as "Travel" vlogs and any other events I believe will be worth documenting.

So I hope you guys enjoy my videos, please support by subscribing and hitting the LIKE button on the videos and leaving your thoughts or feedback under the COMMENTS section.

Thank you guys once again and I hope you enjoy my videos!

LATEST MC Vlog Episode:

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